Al Abeer Hospital

Al Abeer Hospital

Project Description


Al Abeer Group


7900 m2

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Design Completed

Healthcare in the Middle East

Al Abeer Group is one of the leading healthcare organizations owning and operating high-end medical centers and hospitals across the major cities in Saudi Arabia and in other GCC countries such as Qatar, UAE and India. Van Aelst I Nguyen & Partners have been commissioned to design the façade and interiors for an existing building which will be converted into a brand new medical complex.

Brand Inspiration by local culture

The challenge for the façade design was to establish a strong brand identity which could be applied to multiple medical centers Al Abeer Group to develop in the future, which is inspired by local tradition, culture and healthcare. Van Aelst I Nguyen and partners translated the design brief into a modular GRC units, with traditional pattern which can be mounted on existing façade structure.  Also the interior design is inspired by local desert landscapes in combination with the clean white tones reflecting the hygienic aspect of todays hospitals.