Central Hanoi Office

Central Hanoi Office

Project Description

Mixed-use Residential and Office – Facade Design



34.560 m2

Hanoi, Vietnam

Design Completed

Located at the center of Hanoi, this Office and Residential building is surrounded by a mix of traditional colonial style buildings as well. The façade design approach embraces the collision of surrounding styles. Both residential and office program component have their individual façade expression however correspond together well. The first 3 floors have a commercial and office character and are materialized by open, transparent glazing units displaying its vibrant nature.

The Residential upper floors, alludes to the colonial aspect, with a building envelope created from louver elements made in copper. The façade louvers can be opened and closed at the resident discretion giving the opportunity to anticipate to the weather and privacy towards the adjacent buildings. Copper has a fantastic material characteristic where it weathers over time providing a homogenous, mature appearance.