Hanoi Eco School

Hanoi Eco School

Project Description


Urban Construction College

NDC Consulting JSCo., Boydens, Ney and Partners, Odile Vandermeeren

3875 m2

Hanoi, Vietnam

Construction in Progress

The concept of materialization is based on the traditional Vietnamese house pitch roof made out of clay. The traditional is translated in the contemporary, where the vertical walls are angulated referencing to the traditional roof geometry and materialized by horizontal clay slats. Small bamboo planting has been incorporated in the front façade providing a natural shading to the glazing behind resulting in a reduced heat load to the building.

The Ministry of Construction aims to develop an exemplary building in the College CUWC, to showcase green design and initiate students to green technologies. The MOC Building architecture presents a green façade, features smart innovative solutions and displays an educative user interface for educational purpose.