Saigon Culture Village

Saigon Culture Village

Project Description

Retail Mixed-Use


NDC, JRP, Veritas, QCons

85.000 m2

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Design Completed

Saigon Cultural Village envisions A place where different generations of people gather. Creating a sense of community and a memorable, lasting experience for the people of Tân Phú District ,Ho Chi Minh City and as an international tourist destination.

Vietnam has long captured the imagination of many travelers. It is a country filled with captivating natural beauty, tranquil, village life and fascinating cities. Today, a varied array of vernacular, Indochina, French colonial and modern Vietnamese homes, shaped in both their building styles and interior decoration by a kaleidoscope of cultural influences, exemplify today’s “Vietnam Style”

Celebrating today’s Vietnamese Culture, Gamuda introduces to Vietnam a new lifestyle community destination project. A variety of program elements will be introduced including museum/exhibition center, a central cultural meeting plaza, theatre functions, entertainment, hotel, restaurants and shops.

Culture is being expressed by both its historical and contemporary expression, meet in one place. Inspired by the ancient Village typology, visitors meandering through the village roads containing in-and outdoor spaces, where people can enjoy some of Vietnam’s finest traditional food and shops. Where as the esplanade forms a central spine facilitating people to meet and participate in various cultural activities.