Can Gio MP

Can Gio MP

Project Description

Master planning

Government of Can Gio

OMGEVING,  Boydens Engineering, Ney & Partners &  Hydroscan

2800 Ha

Can Gio, Vietnam


Can Gio Master Planning Competition
Van Aelst I Nguyen and its partners have been awarded third place in the prestigious international design competition for the master plan of Can Gio, the Southern District of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

100% Driven by ecology
Based on a vision for the entire Can Gio district, which is dominated by the largest Mangrove ecosystem in the region, the urban design for ‘Can Gio Mangrove city’ has been mapped out in the southernmost area of the district. This land reclamation project of 2,800 ha aims to respond to the increasing population growth in the district and the associated damage to the ecosystem and deforestation of the mangroves.

A Smart Mangrove framework
The framework of this new urban development is based on the strengthening of the mangrove ecosystem and thus links urban growth to the increase of the natural values. A network of islands provides space for new housing developments, touristic-recreational facilities and new economic activities. The mangrove framework functions as a city-scale natural structure and accommodates park functions, sustainable water transport and local water-related activities.

International Partnership
For the development of the master plan, Van Aelst I Nguyen & Partners collaborated with partners OMGEVING (Belgium, City Planning), Boydens Engineering (Belgium – Vietnam, sustainability), Ney & Partners (Belgium – Vietnam, bridge design) and Hydroscan (Belgium, water management).