It’s exciting to see that the Hanoi Eco School has been recognized among the top 10 Green Projects in collaboration with kienviet.net, the Vietnam Association of Architects.
For further details about the award and the project, please click here.

This innovative building design merges traditional Vietnamese architecture with modern green technologies, aiming to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability. Inspired by the classic Vietnamese pitched roof made of clay, this design incorporates angled vertical walls with horizontal clay slats and bamboo plantings for natural shading, significantly reducing the building’s heat load.

The Ministry of Construction developed this project for the College CUWC to exemplify green design and educate students on sustainable technologies. Strategies include natural and mechanical ventilation, rainwater reuse for non-potable needs, and concrete core activation (CCA) for efficient temperature regulation through the building’s concrete mass. Additionally, an open-loop ground-source system utilizes the stable underground water temperature for heating and cooling, optimizing energy use. Achieving a 71% energy saving, this project not only meets but exceeds sustainability goals, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable built environment in Vietnam.

Van Aelst – Nguyen & Partners Architecture Consulting extends gratitude to its esteemed design collaborators: Odille Vandermeeren, NDC Consulting, Boydens Engineering part of Sweco, and Ney & Partners. Together, we are pushing boundaries and demonstrating leadership in sustainable building design practices.